Best HealthTech Solution for Patient Safety

Best HealthTech Solution for Patient Safety

Best HealthTech Solution for Patient SafetyTechnology designed specifically to improve the application, management and monitoring of care is having a revolutionary effect across the sector, inspiring the health secretary to “bring NHS and social care technology into the 21st century”.

Innovations which can improve the safety of patients in the health and care system should be encouraged and implemented. Products might have a specific medical purpose which has demonstrable improvements to patient safety, or they might be general applications purposefully for the enhancement of safety.

With such a wide range of products and services on offer within varying disciplines judges will be looking specifically for improvements in patient safety as a result of the implementation of a health technology.



Entries are welcomed from across the NHS and public sector. Private suppliers and partners are encouraged to in collaboration with the NHS in the UK. Products and services which are entered from private companies are ineligible if not in collaboration with an NHS organisation. Please see our FAQs for further information. Judges are looking to judge the product or services impact on patient safety over any other application.

Judging Criteria :


Describe the context in which the product or service has been applied. Provide an explanation of how patient safety is considered a part of the application and what goals or targets were put in place. How were achievements measured and what checks were put in place?


In terms of patient safety what has been achieved? What improvements have been made to systems, processes, treatments, care or experience which have demonstrably resulted in improved safety. Provide quantitative evidence to support any claims.


How have learnings from the implementation of a product of service been shared or applied in other contexts? What efforts have been made by the project teams to share best practice and disseminate results?


Describe the added value which has been achieved as a result of the implementation of medical technology. Evidence of improved patient experience like the reduction of waiting times, improvements in capacity or sharing of information could be relevant. Value can also be considered in monetary terms or in terms of better staff experiences.


How has the initiative engaged with other stakeholders? Judges will be looking for examples of patient involvement in the planning and implementation of new technologies and how different departments have participated. How closely has the supplier of HealthTech worked with their partners or customers in the application of a product or service?

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