If you have any questions or queries about the Patient Safety Awards 2020 you are welcome to contact the relevant team member below or refer to our list of FAQs

Entries and attendance - Ryan Bessent
T : 020 7608 9045
E : ryan.bessent@wilmingtonhealthcare.com

Media and marketing - Honey de Gracia
T : 0207 6089 9002
E : Honey.DeGracia@wilmingtonhealthcare.com

Judging and event management - Sheena Patel
T : 0207 608 9039
E : sheena.patel@wilmingtonhealthcare.com

Frequently asked questions

Q. How much does it cost to enter the awards?

A: There is no charge. Please consider that finalists will be invited to London for a judging presentation in June 2020; all finalists will be invited to purchase a table at the awards ceremony in July 2020.

Q: How long is the entry form?

A: There are 6 main questions each requiring a maximum of 400 words, plus some basic single line questions. Plus there is an upload opportunity to submit supportining evidence. Evidence must be clearly referenced from your entry form and should be compliled into a single PDF containing any relevant documentation or imagery.

Q: What is the eligibility period for an entry?

A: Project based entries are required to be currently active or if completed to have been completed within the past 18 months. Equally evidence for any submitted entries should be current or relevant to the past 18 months. Entries previously submitted in the Patient Safety Awards should have a significant update, change of circumstance or result.

Q: What type of organisations are eligible to enter?

A: Entries to the Patient Safety Awards will only be accepted from NHS organisations including NHS England, NHS Scotland, NHS Wales and HSCNI and other public sector bodies. Entries from private and third sector organisations are only eligible if submitted together with their public sector partners. In this instance it would be the public sector body and the project which is listed and recognised as the entrant, finalist or winner and not the private/third sector organisations. Private and charitable organisations are encouraged to enter HSJ’s Partnership Awards – which celebrates their contribution to the health sector and NHS.

International entries from outside the UK and its dependencies are ineligible for participation.

Q: Who will read my entry and is it confidential? ​

A: All entries submitted to the Patient Safety Awards will be read by our appointed judges, editorial staff and internal awards adminstrative teams. If you have specific requirements with regards to confidentiality please call our team to discuss and it’s possible that arrangements can be made for you. HSJ would like to share best practice with our community and part of the agreement you enter in to with Patient Safety Awards to share your projects, people and organisations on our HSJ Solutions platform. However you are welcome to opt out of this. For further clarification please call our team.

Q: Do I have to attend the awards ceremony if I enter or am short listed?

A: No, there is no mandatory attendance at the awards ceremony in July 2020. Non-attendance does not preclude your submission from any success. HSJ would encourage you to celebrate your success at the annual celebration

Q: Can I withdraw my submission?

A: Yes at any time, just get in touch with our team

Q: When will I hear about my submission?

A: Our awards finalists will be announced on 27 April, 2020. The awards team will not be able to update you on the progress of your entry before this date.

Q: When will I receive feedback on my entry?

A: Feedback will be provided to any entrant on request after the awards ceremony. Please send a request to awardssupport@hsj.co.uk

Q: How much does attendance cost?

A: HSJ will release table pricing in April 2020. Please make enquiries to awardssupport@hsj.co.uk

Q: How will Wilmington Healthcare or HSJ use my data?

A: In order to enter an award, you need to have an account with us – we require your name, job title, business / work email address, phone number and entrant address. Your personal data provided will be stored in our systems for communication about the Patient Safety Awards. You may also receive communications from Wilmington Healthcare Ltd about relevant products and services. We also encourage you to read our Privacy and Cookies Policy and every communication has a link to manage your preferences or unsubscribe.

Q: What is Awards Force?

A: Awards Force is a third party supplier to Wilmington Healthcare providing web based entry and judging system to manage the programme. Communications to entrants and judges are sent using this system. To find our more information please view https://www.awardforce.com/privacy-policy


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