National Patient Safety Collaborative

The national patient safety improvement programme, supported by the regional Patient Safety Collaboratives, is the largest safety initiative in the history of the NHS, supporting continuous learning and improvement, adoption and spread of evidence-based interventions, and encouraging a culture of safety across the health and care system.

The programme aims are to:

  • Support the national patient safety strategy and improvement work
  • Create safer systems and pathways of care that reflect continuous learning and improvement
  • Extract learning from errors and excellence
  • Share improvement learning with a view to national scale-up and adoption
  • Support the reduction of avoidable harm and variations in safe care delivery
  • Support the conditions for a culture of safety to flourish

Since its inception, the programme has been addressing local patient safety issues through a variety of improvement approaches and working with patients, carers, clinicians, managers and safety experts. Building on the work of the last five years, the Patient Safety Collaboratives, hosted by England’s 15 Academic Health Science Networks, are a key improvement and delivery arm of the national patient safety improvement programme and the NHS patient safety strategy. To find out more, visit or contact your local Academic Health Science Network (