NHS Safeguarding Initiative

NHS Safeguarding Initiative

New for 2020 this award recognises the role of safeguarding across the NHS and wider health and social care sector. Embedding a culture of protection and citizen safety in an organisation is important to help identify children, young people or adults at risk of harm. Safeguarding is mandated policy across the health service with clear guidelines on reporting. Staff must be able to look for the signs of abuse or mistreatment without underming the dignity of service users and patients and organisations need to have channels open to colleagues in social services, police, educators, local authorities and patient representation. Safeguarding requires integrated care and partnership working to ensure appropriate monitoring and application.

Judges are looking for initiatives which can demonstrate effective protection systems for service users with requirements across a wide range of areas. Projects can focus on violence, abuse or harm; mental health, social care or domestic abuse; neurologic diversity and learning disabilities; equality, recruitment, training and leadership. Focus can be on multi agency initiatives, the third sector and public sector collaboration.



Entries are welcomed from across the NHS and public sector

Judging Criteria :


Describe the safeguarding landscape within your organisation including any relevant policy documentation, training initiatives and awareness campaigns

Identify the need for a specific initiative, what are you trying to approach, improve or change?

Describe the project giving clear detail on targets and desired results

How have you worked across organisations, departments and sectors to define the approach.


What has been achieved? Describe the results of your initiative.

Outline the impact on service users or citizen safety – demonstrate dedication to ensuring that the principles and duties of safeguarding children, young people, and adults at risk are holistically, consistently and conscientiously applied with the wellbeing of all, at the heart of what you do.

Outline the impact on staff and their ability to recognise at risk children, young people and adults

Provide credible evidence in the form of testimonial, qualitative or quantitative validation of achievement

How has your initiative enabled or enhanced an effective system of monitoring which involves sharing of information between organisations?


Have you shared learnings from this initiative with others in your organisation or across institutional boundaries?

Sharing of data and information is a key element of effective safeguarding, describe effort and results of collaboration with other agencies and stakeholders.

Demonstrate effective and joined up communication across the workforce within the NHS and across organisational boundaries.


Demonstrate the view and feedback relating to the levied experience and the voice of victims / survivors of abuse, exploitation and violence.

How has the initiative enabled staff to feel comfortable with managing and identifying problems? What processes have been put in place to help staff?

Describe service user dignity and experience management in relation to the initiative

Outline any benefits to the stakeholder organisations or agencies created from initiative such as reduce admissions, improved patient experience or better channels from cross organisational working.


How did you work with service users in the design of the initiative? Describe the approach, sensitivities and management of expectations

What processes were put in the place to ensure that service users were informed on progress, execution and review?

How have staff been involved in the implementation of your initiative, how were they consulted and what contribution have they made to your success?

Describe the dynamic of multi agency involvement included communications and channels, design and implementation, systems and processes which are used to measure results.

How has working with various stakeholders enhanced your results?

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