Patient Safety Management Network

The Patient Safety Management Network (PSMN) was set up in June 2021 by people in patient safety, for people in patient safety management.  With support from the charity Patient Safety Learning – a community of practice, of over 900 people from across the health care landscape join together each week online to discuss, learn and support each other throughout the roll out of the new Patient Safety Incident Response Framework.

Their purpose and aims are:

  • Safe space meet up with peers
  • To supports those that need to raise difficult issues
  • To provide insight into the reality of ‘work as done’
  • Collaboration on insights, new ideas, solutions and research
  • New thinking from within & outside health to accelerate improvements
  • Better understanding of new policies, guidance and regulations
  • To discuss implementation of the NHS Patient Safety Strategy e.g. PSIRF, LFPSE
  • Strengthen an open and fair culture
  • Share learning and celebrate good practice