Why attend the Patient Safety Congress and Awards?

2 July 2019
Manchester Central


Patient safety is the business of every individual involved in healthcare, whether they are on the board or on the ward, making this the only event where you will be able to acknowledge your organisation’s achievements with your entire team.

By entering this year’s awards you can:

  • Get your entry seen and assessed by NHS experts
  • You'll get detailed and insightful feedback on your presentation and guidance to take your project and innovation to the next level
  • Opportunity to meet peers, benchmark your achievements with others all over the country
  • Entering an awards means you have done something outstanding and that needs to be celebrated

Two days away from the pressures of the daily grind to gain new ideas and solutions. The conference will showcase the best work from across the UK, using innovative, proven solutions to tackle everything from large-scale redesign of emergency services to reduce readmissions to new approaches to cost-effective patient-led decision making. 


  • 32+ CPD points of content curated content in the main congress alone
  • 90+ expert healthcare leaders and experts speaking, including senior leaders
  • 35+ quantified cases studies, judged and shortlisted/winning entries judged by 60+ experts
  • Chance to participate in focused workshop sessions attended by lead by senior figures in quality improvement

You care about your work. But when you’re caught in the stressful melee before an inspection, coping with a lack of beds on your ward, or scrutinising a spread sheet, it’s hard to remember that the work you’re doing is often of huge value to others in your role. 

It’s easy to feel isolated from your community of peers, so seize opportunity to share your work! Whether it’s through our poster competition showcasing best practice or networking with the 1000+ delegates at the conference, and an additional 1000 who attend the co-located awards, ensure your voice is heard.

The Congress is one of the only forums where senior leaders, frontline staff, commissioners and solutions providers concerned with quality are gathered in once place to share learning rather than simply exhibit.


Sometimes it’s necessary to sit back and really celebrate all that you and your team have achieved! It’s easy to lose sight of your team’s success in the face of everyday challenges, but our Patient Safety Awards offer your organisation the opportunity to raise your profile, celebrate your work, network with other winners, as well as boost the morale of your team! 


The challenges facing leaders in healthcare continue to mount, with pressure on resources only increasing. Finding the money to improve services can be tough, as can knowing which areas to tackle first. How are you going to lead your organisation into the next year and confidently tackle the issues of ‘duty of candour’, increased inspections by regulators and budget struggles? 

This is your opportunity to have frank discussions and come away with new ideas. HSJ will lead this forum, and you will learn from different Medical Directors and Directors of Nursing about how they have been working through these issues. Don’t miss this unique chance to meet your peers to discuss what must be the organising principle of care: safety

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