Best Partnership Solution Improving Patient Safety

Best Partnership Solution Improving Patient Safety

Best Partnership Solution Improving Patient SafetyWorking with partners in your local health economy over the long term or over fixed term projects is a necessity throughout the NHS and can result in innovative solutions and improvements both financially and in terms of efficiency. Collaborations should also have patient safety improvements as a main consideration when embarking on a partnership.

Broadly speaking the partnership may or may not have patient safety as its primary goal yet demonstrable improvements in the care of patients and the avoidance of harm are what the judges are looking to recognise in this award



Health and care partnerships from the NHS such as those with AHSNs, multi trust and CCG collaborations, universities and with organisations in social care are welcomed to submit projects to be reviewed. Judges are looking for initiatives which have demonstrably improved patient safety within an organisation as a result of a partnership. Any partnerships with private sector organisations will be considered if the primary entrant is an NHS or public sector organisation.

Judging Criteria :


Outline the context in which a partnership was needed including a description of the product or service and any primary goals which are designed to have an impact on patient safety for the provider of health or social care services.


Provide evidence of improvements in the safe care of patients within the organisation as a direct result of the partnership. Judges are looking for quantitative examples of care enhancements which have reduced harm, improved reporting, culture or experiences.


Describe how the achievements from the partnership have been applied elsewhere whether within the organisation or across departments and disciplines. Judges are looking for clear evidence of sharing of best practice


Outline the value created for the organisation from the partnership in terms of staff and patient experience in the delivery of improved and safe care. Has the partnership delivered value for money for the organisation while also improving safety?


Provide a description of the scope of stakeholder involvement in the partnership and how those stakeholders have been considered in terms of patient safety. Who are the stakeholders, how were they engaged in the design of the partnership to meet any goals for improving safe care or reducing harm? Judges are looking for evidence of patient and staff involvement in the project.

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