Please refer to our frequently asked questions about the Patient Safety Awards 2024 below. If your query is not answered, then please CONTACT US.

Q: How much does it cost to enter the awards?

A: There is no charge for submitting your work into the Patient Safety Awards 2024.

Q: How long is the entry form?

A: There are 5 main criteria sections, each requiring a maximum of 400 words, plus a section to cover a 100 word synopsis of your project. There is an upload opportunity to submit supporting evidence.

Q: What is the eligibility period for an entry?

A: Project based entries are required to be currently active or if completed, to have been completed within the past 18 months. People nominated for specific awards should either be in post or should have left their post no longer than 18 months prior. Equally evidence for any submitted entries should be current or relevant to the past 18 months. Entries previously submitted in the Patient Safety Awards should have a significant update, change of circumstance or result.

Q: Are private organisation eligible to enter?

A: Categories are designed to recognise work conducted within public sector organisations and therefore this is an NHS and independent healthcare provider-only programme, solution provider entrants will not be accepted. Please check eligibility with our team if you are not sure.

Q: Who will read my entry and is it confidential?

A: All entries submitted to the Patient Safety Awards will be read by our appointed judges, editorial staff and internal awards administrative teams. If you have specific requirements with regards to confidentiality, please contact our team to discuss if it is possible that arrangements can be made for you. HSJ would like to share best practice with our community and part of the agreement you enter in to with HSJ is to share your projects, people and organisations on our HSJ Solutions platform. However, you are welcome to opt out of this. For further clarification please contact our team.

Q: Do I have to attend the awards ceremony if I enter or am short listed?​

A: No, there is no mandatory attendance at the awards ceremony in September as a result of a successful entry. HSJ and Patient Safety Awards team would encourage you to celebrate your success and be part of the event, please contact Frank Willing to discuss this further.

Q: Can I withdraw my submission?

A: Yes at any time, just get in touch with our team.

Q: When will I hear about my submission?​

A: The shortlist will be announced in June 2024. Winners will be announced in the ceremony taking place on 16 September 2024. For attendance queries please contact Frank Willing.

Q: When will I receive feedback on my entry?

A: We cannot release any feedback before the awards ceremony has passed to ensure we have 100% of our results without prejudicing the result or informing the winners before this date. Post event, we will provide feedback on submissions on request only basis. Please contact Awards Support for more information. Please contact Awards Support for more information.

Q: How much does attendance cost?

A: Please contact Frank Willing or call 0333 150 4926 for more information.