Changing Culture Award

Changing Culture Award

Changing Culture AwardThe culture of an organisation can make an enormous difference to the safety of its patients. It can impact on:

  • How seriously senior managers and the organisation consider patient safety
  • How willing staff are to admit errors and critical incidents and therefore allow learning from them
  • How willing staff are to challenge their colleagues (including those at more senior levels) over poor practice


Cultural change must be considered an institutional endeavour and therefore must include everyone from the board to front line and support service staff. Judges are looking for organisations implementing a supportive culture where errors can be voiced, and staff feel free to speak up and raise concerns without fear. This category recognises organisations where cultural change has driven clear acceptance and belief that patient safety is the responsibility of all staff.



Entries are open to all NHS and public sector organisations where cultural change has had a significant effect on safety.

Judging Criteria :


Describe the cultural context of the organisation and any relevant recent history in terms of cultural dynamic. Include detail on board level buy in and how different departments engaged with the initiative. Set out the goals and measures of success.


Evidence the organisation now has patient safety embedded at the heart of everything it does, and that staff and patients are heard, and their concerns are acted upon.

Evidence patient safety has improved within the organisation. This should be quantitative and should cover multiple aspects of the safe delivery of care


A cultural change which has demonstrably spread throughout the organisation. Include a few staff testimonials from various levels of the organisation to support and anything available feedback from patients. Include specific elements which are potentially replicable in other settings or organisations


Describe the improvements in patient and staff experience including how both have been engaged with the initiative. Outline any financial gains which have been realised, for example a reduction in adverse events and therefore investigatory and litigation costs.


Evidence all relevant parties were fully engaged in the cultural change. This should include patients and patient groups. Demonstrate a culture in which all members of staff can raise concerns and make suggestions for improvements.

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