Award Winner
Arden & GEM CSU with Norwich CCG - Improving patient safety through annual care home medication reviews


  • Ashford & St. Peter's Hospitals FT - Improving Medication Safety - The '30/30' Aim
  • AT Medics - Medicines Management Initiative - EZ Analytics
  • Central London Community Healthcare Trust - Medicines Optimisation Pharmacy Services
  • Cheshire & Wirral Partnership FT - Improving medicines safety for people with serious mental illness through digital referrals to community pharmacy
  • Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group - Tackling Look-Alike Sound-Alike (LASA) Medicines
  • Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust - Reducing the rate of missed doses of critical medicines & dispensing errors via the adoption of new technology & ways of working
  • Salford Royal FT part of the Northern Care Alliance and Salford CCG - Salford Integrated Medicines Optimisation Team (SIMOT)