Improving Safety in Medicines Management Initiative

Improving Safety in Medicines Management Initiative

Improving Safety in Medicines Management InitiativeAchieving accuracy in medicines administration – the right drug, the right dose, the right mode of administration and the right patient – is a clear patient safety standard. This award seeks to recognise organisations that have reduced or eliminated drug errors – from minor to those with serious and even fatal consequences.

Judges are interested in any initiative designed to improve safety in the administration of medicines. It could include a specific innovation, such as a new labelling, storage or packaging procedure or a wider cultural initiative encouraging full reporting of drug errors. We are particularly keen to see evidence that patient experience has improved as a result and that teams and organisations have worked together to solve a problem.



Entries are accepted from NHS organisations and primary care pharmacy teams improving the safe administration of medicines.

Judging Criteria :


Describe the context of the pharmacy and medicines operation, outline where improvements can be made and what planning is needed to affect change. What were the targets set and what measures are in place to check efficacy?


Evidence medicines safety has improved as a direct result of the initiative. This should be quantitative and can cover any aspect of the safe delivery of medicines.

Evidence the patient safety work has directly contributed to the delivery of consistently high-quality care. This should have a quantitative aspect, but can also include qualitative data such as patient feedback


Outline how the initiative has been used across departments and staff groups, or which could demonstrably be used in a wide range of settings. What efforts have been made to spread the achievements to other organisations?


Clear evidence the initiative has improved value. Where possible, this should include evidence of improved financial value as well as value to patients through improved quality of service, efficiency and experience.


Describe with evidence how all relevant parties were fully engaged in the patient safety initiative. This should include patients where appropriate and how stakeholders were kept engaged. There should also be a description of a culture in which staff feel able to raise concerns and make suggestions for improvements.

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