Infection Prevention and Control Initiative of the Year

Infection Prevention and Control Initiative of the Year

Infection Prevention and Control Initiative of the YearWhile rates of Healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) like MRSA and c.difficile have fallen significantly in recent years, healthcare associated infections remain a significant patient safety risk. It is estimated around 300,000 patients a year develop an infection while being treated by the NHS in England, with one in six people treated by the NHS picking up an infection.

This award seeks to recognise excellent practice in reducing this risk, both through the prevention of infection and the effective control of it when it does occur. Our judges are interested both in programmes designed to address specific infections and in more general work across the whole infection prevention and control agenda.



Entries are welcomed from all relevant NHS organisations and public sector bodies. Judges are looking for projects and initiatives which can demonstrably show holistic approaches to prevention and control.

Judging Criteria :


Describe the context in which an infection prevention and control initiative was necessary, giving clear statistics on the existing situation. Outlines the targets and measures that were employed, commitment from leadership and front-line staff and what training and education was to be deployed.

Judges will be looking for integrated solutions across an organisation and inter-organisational cooperation initiatives.

An explanation of how the initiative was informed by existing best practice in infection prevention and control


Quantitative evidence that infection rates have fallen as a direct result of the initiative. This can either be for one specific infection in one setting, or for multiple infections across multiple settings.

Evidence the initiative has directly contributed to the delivery of consistently high-quality care. This should have a quantitative aspect but can also include qualitative data as appropriate.


Safety projects that have embedded and spread to other departments, settings or organisations. Alternatively, clear evidence the work is potentially replicable and scalable. Include efforts and initiatives that the team have undertaken to disseminate best practice across sites and organisations.


Evidence the initiative has improved value. Where possible, this should include evidence of improved financial value as well as value to patients through improved quality, care and experience.


Clear evidence all relevant parties were fully engaged in the patient safety initiative, including patients where appropriate. Judges are looking for a culture in which all members of staff can raise concerns and make suggestions for improvements and are involved in creating awareness and implementing the initiative and make suggestions for improvements.

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