Maternity and Midwifery Services Initiative of the Year

Maternity and Midwifery Services Initiative of the Year

Maternity and Midwifery Services Initiative of the YearAfter the publication of the 2016 National Maternity Review there has been a lot of focus on improvements in care continuity and supporting choice. It also aimed to provide staff with more support, improved working culture and training.

This award recognises those who are already making good progress in increasing the safety of maternity and midwifery services through improving access to perinatal mental health services, improving prevention, sharing data and employing better technologies. Judges want to see entries which can demonstrate shared goals of safe, personalised, professional and compassionate care.



Entries are welcomed from across the NHS and public sector organisations

Judging Criteria :


An explanation of the context of maternity care within the organisation including a description of the safety record and what improvements were needed. Describe the initiative and the targets set and how best practice informed the initiative.


Evidence that safety has been improved for patients using maternity and midwifery services as a direct result of the initiative. This should be quantitative and can focus on one or multiple aspects of care. Include an evidence that the patient safety initiative has directly contributed to the delivery of consistently high-quality care.


How has the initiative spread to other organisations and what efforts have the project team made to disseminate the success? Describe how the results might be scalable of have the potential for implementation elsewhere.


Demonstrate how the initiative has improved patient and staff experiences as well as the outcomes. Has the initiative increased efficiency or reduced variation? If there a financial impact, outline any positive outcomes which can be linked to savings.


Clear evidence of a multidisciplinary approach, with all relevant parties fully engaging in the work. This should include managers, medics and nurses, as well as patients and families. Include detail on a culture in which all members of staff can raise concerns and make suggestions for improvements

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