Mental Health Initiative of the Year

Mental Health Initiative of the Year

Mental Health Initiative of the Year Delivering safe care for each patient is a unifying aim across healthcare. When caring for someone experiencing mental ill health, there can be additional challenges in successfully meeting this aim.

There may be issues around managing a service user’s risk of self-harm and there is a need for good communication with those caring for service users’ physical health needs. And for those with mental ill health, it may be necessary to find different ways to explain what is going to happen during a care episode, so the patient can be fully engaged in treatment.



Our judges are seeking projects that have demonstrably increased the safety and reliability of care for those with mental ill health, whether generally or for a specific condition or need. Entries are accepted from NHS or public sector providers of mental health services delivering excellent standards of care.

Judging Criteria :


Describe the context of mental health provision including the various organisations involved with the project. Outline the targets set for improvements in the safe care of mental health patients and what measures were put in place


Show demonstrable achievements including quantitative results showing the improvements in safety achieved as a direct result of the initiative. Judges will be looking for evidence that the initiative has had a tangible positive impact on the safe care of people with mental ill health. Evidence the patient safety work has directly contributed to the delivery of consistently high-quality care. Entrants should include patient and staff testimonials supporting the efficacy of the initiative.


Improvements in the provision of safe and quality care for mental health patients which are potentially replicable and scalable. Describe the efforts made to share best practice outside of the specialism and across organisations.


Clear evidence the initiative has improved value for patients, staff and to the organisation. Evidence can include patient experiences, staff satisfaction, improvements in capacity and efficiency. Where possible, this should include evidence of improved financial value as well.


Describe how the initiative engaged with key stakeholders including patient and carer consultation and how their input was considered in the planning and execution. Staff input should be outlined alongside testimonial evidence from all relevant parties on their experiences.

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