Patient Safety Education and Training Award

Patient Safety Education and Training Award

Patient Safety Education and Training AwardEducation and training give staff the skills and knowledge to deliver safe care and to embed safety within an organisation. This category focuses on the use of education and training to improve patient safety. We are interested in examples of training initiatives on specific aspects of patient safety, as well as more general programmes to raise awareness of safety.

Initiatives could include face-to-face courses or seminars, online training initiatives or work-based learning programmes. We will be keen to see examples of training which have been delivered to multiple staff groups and brought different disciplines together to consider and improve patient safety.



Entries are welcomed from all NHS and public sector organisations.

Judging Criteria :


A description of the education or training initiative, who was involved in the conception, why was it needed and at which groups was it aimed? What was the context of the programme and what were the key drivers? Describe the goals set and what measures were put in place to ensure success was achieved?


What have been the results of the initiative? Describe in as much detail as possible the learnings that were delivered and how they have directly affected improvements in patient safety within the targeted group or team. Provide supporting evidence from the group as to the efficacy of the training using testimonials. How has it helped them deliver improved patient care? Where relevant to the training programme describe how cultural change has been delivered.


Education initiatives which have been used across departments and staff groups, or which could demonstrably be used in a wide range of settings and organisations. Provide evidence that the initiative or programme has been replicated and effective elsewhere.


Clear evidence the initiative has improved value. Where possible, this should include evidence of improved financial value as well as value to patients through improved quality care and experience. Staff experience through knowledge and learning should also be considered and descriptions of their experience should be supported with endorsements.


Clear evidence all relevant parties were fully engaged in the education programme. This should include patients where appropriate, leadership and staff.

Education which supports all members to raise concerns, speak up and make suggestions for improvements.

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