Patient Safety Innovation of the Year

Patient Safety Innovation of the Year

Patient Safety Innovation of the YearThere is never a shortage of good ideas in the healthcare environment. This award will celebrate a product or innovation which promises consistent improvements in patient safety. Our judges are looking for a new, game changing concept which improves safety in one or multiple spheres of care. This can be anything from the development of a technology, system or process, training programme, patient led initiative. It could be something with a regional, local organisational or departmental impact though scalability and replication would be important drivers of success.

Judges are looking for evidence which can demonstrate results and has the potential for impact elsewhere.



This award is open to the NHS and public sector including AHSNs and university collaborations. Judges are interested in ideas that can demonstrate results from the last two years.

Judging Criteria :


Where did the idea come from? What was the context? Outline the aims and goals giving clear timelines for implementation and what measures were employed.


Initial results may be limited but judges are interested in any detail on the efficacy of the innovation and are specifically interested the potential for improvements in safety. Evidence for success must be provided in both quantitative and qualitative supporting material. Patient and staff feedback should be provided


A product or innovation that has or has the potential for spread to other departments, settings or organisations.


Clear evidence the initiative has improved value. Where possible, this should include evidence of improved financial value as well as value to patients through improved quality and experience.


Clear evidence all relevant parties were fully engaged in the creation and roll out of the solution. This should include patients where appropriate. Where applicable, a strong partnership between leads on the vendor and client sides, involving regular communication

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