Patient Safety Team of the Year

Patient Safety Team of the Year

Patient Safety Team of the YearEvery day in the NHS there are teams which come together to find new ways to further improve patient safety. Some are specifically dedicated to safety or quality, taking responsibility for the performance of the entire organisation on these agendas. Others are sub-groups of larger teams – a group of safety leads within a ward nursing team, for instance.

This award recognises a team which has secured truly outstanding improvements in patient safety through specific initiatives.



Any NHS or public sector team that has come together to tackle and improve the patient safety culture and outcomes for their organisation. Entries are welcomed from any collaborative group from across organisations including those which aren’t solely NHS bodies.

Judging Criteria :


Describe the context of the patient safety dynamic for care across the organisation and why the team was brought together. Outline the targets set and how they were arrived at including influential stakeholders such as the board, staff and patients.


Evidence the team has directly contributed to significant improvements in patient safety. This should be quantitative – for example, demonstrable reductions in errors of administration of medication, reductions in healthcare associated infection, a drop in adverse events. Include evidence the team has directly contributed to the delivery of consistently high-quality care. This should have a quantitative aspect but can also include qualitative data such as patient feedback.


Patient safety projects that have embedded and spread to other departments, settings or organisations. Alternatively, clear evidence the work is potentially scalable and replicable.


Clear evidence the team’s dedication to safety has improved value. Where possible, this should include evidence of improved financial value as well as value to patients through improved quality.


Clear evidence all relevant parties were fully engaged in patient safety improvement work, including patients where appropriate. Include a description of the culture in which all members of staff can raise concerns and make suggestions for improvements.

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