• Describe the cultural context of the patient safety dynamic across the organisation and any relevant recent history to show why the team was brought together.
  • Detail how different departments engaged with the creation of this team, and any board-level buy-in that supported this
  • Outline the goals and initiatives set by the team, and what measures were put in place to achieve them.


  • Evidence that the team has directly contributed to an improvement in safety for patients
  • This must include a quantitative aspect, for example demonstrable reductions in errors of medication administration, reductions in healthcare associated infection, a drop in adverse events etc
  • Show how the team has directly contributed to the delivery of consistently high-quality care – this should have a quantitative aspect but can also include qualitative measures such as patient feedback.
  • Discuss how the team has helped improve integration or coordination of care across the organisation or system, and how this has led to improved safety
  • What other benefits have been realised by the team?


  • Demonstrate how projects delivered by the team have embedded and spread throughout the organisation.
  • Alternatively, show how this work could be replicated and scaled in other settings or organisations.


  • Clearly evidence how the team’s dedication to safety has improved value for patients and staff, in terms of patient experience, staff satisfaction and quality of care.
  • If possible, provide evidence of value creation in other areas, in terms of increased capacity, reduced adverse events (and therefore investigatory or litigation costs) and/or improved efficiencies.


  • Provide clear evidence of a multidisciplinary approach, with all relevant parties fully engaging in the work, including staff at all levels as well as patients and families, and how this has led to improved safety.
  • Demonstrate how the team have helped develop a culture in which all members of staff can raise concerns and make suggestions for improvements.

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