Safety improvement through technology award

Digital developments and new technologies offer the potential for transformational improvements in safety. Solutions might have a specific medical purpose which has demonstrable improvements to patient safety. Or they might support the workforce in the delivery of care that reduces errors or unwarranted variation – supporting safety improvements.

Digital transformation can also enable efficiency, freeing up clinical and nursing teams to spend more time with patients. The digitisation of clinical processes can help support real-time data capture that can lead to future service redesign, or safety improvements that drive better patient outcomes.

With a wide range of solutions on offer within varying disciplines, judges will be looking specifically for improvements in patient safety as a result of the implementation of a digital system or process, or where data has been used to drive transformation that has led to improved safety outcomes.


Entries are welcomed from across NHS, independent healthcare providers and public health and care sector. Private suppliers and partners may apply in collaboration with the NHS in the UK but are ineligible to enter alone. Please note the entry must provide a clear case study surrounding the implementation or use of the digital system or process, or new technology – advertorials for a specific product or service will not be accepted.


  • Describe the patient safety context in which the use of a new technology, digital system or process was required, and to what extent this was informed by existing best practice or evidence.
  • Explain the initial targets and goals that were set, including how the solution could make tangible improvements to the safe care of patients, or which reduce harm.
  • Outline what checks and balances were put in place, and how success could be measured.


  • Evidence that implementation has directly contributed to an improvement in safety for patients. This must include a quantitative aspect, for example demonstrable reductions in errors of medication administration, reductions in healthcare associated infection, a drop in adverse events etc.
  • Show how the solution has directly contributed to the delivery of consistently high-quality care – this should have a quantitative aspect but can also include qualitative measures such as patient or staff feedback. 
  • Discuss to what extent the solution has helped improve integration or coordination of care across the organisation or system, and how this has led to improved safety
  • What other benefits have been realised by the process or solution?


  • How, and to what extent, have the learnings from implementation been communicated and shared elsewhere with the organisation or system?
  • How have or will patient safety leads be involved in any wider roll-out of this project?
  • Judges are looking for potential of usage across other departments and in the wider health sector.


  • Describe the value created for patients by the solution implementation, in terms of patient experience, staff satisfaction and quality of care.
  • If possible, provide evidence of value creation in other areas, in terms of increased capacity, reduced adverse events (and therefore investigatory or litigation costs) and/or improved efficiencies. 
  • Detail any ways in which the implementation benefited the patient, organisation or system outside of the original expectations.


  • Provide clear evidence surrounding the consultative measures taken to inform, involve and enable participation from end-users and patients in the planning, design, tendering or selection of the technology.
  • Describe how staff, patients and other stakeholders across the organisation were engaged in the implementation and roll-out.
  • Share how feedback has been captured from these groups over time, and what enhancements this has delivered.
  • Evidence a strong partnership (if relevant) between the vendor/s of the technology and staff in the organisations at which it has been implemented.

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